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Expert Bicycle Sales, Maintenance and Repair Service, That Comes To You

"On The Go Bikes" is a mobile bicycle shop offering sales, maintenance and repairs to San Antonio and surrounding areas. My goal is to make buying a bicycle or getting maintenance and repairs as convenient as possible by coming to your home or place of business.


Mobile Store

"On The Go Bikes" is proud to offer Performer, Cleary, State Bicycle Co. and Strider Bikes. Visit our Online Store for details. All purchases include free local delivery and professional assembly.

Bicycle Maintenance and Repairs

Mobile: I will come to the location of your choice and perform the requested maintenance or repair on the spot. This is the preferred and most common method, saving you time and money. 

At the shop: I will pick up your ride, take it back to the shop where I can give your bike the time and detail it deserves. I am not a retail store open to the public, so your bike will receive my undivided attention. This is the preferred method for longer jobs or when parts need to be ordered.

Fitness Equipment

We have expanded our fitness equipment offerings to include: assembly, maintenance, repair and relocation. Please visit us at for details and to schedule your service.

Service Area

Now offering an expanded service area! If you are within the Green service area please use online scheduling. For the West (Orange) and East (Blue) service areas please call or send me a message. Even if outside of the area please reach out to me and we can work with you. I have customers as far as Kerrville and Fredericksburg. 

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